Album: Maps
Released: May 2007
Artwork: Randy Hryhorczuk
Label: Valkyre Records


Tunturia_Split Cover [500px]

Album: Tunturia / Holoscene Split
Released: Sept 2010
Artwork: Seldon Hunt
Label: Self-Released


CD Cover.indd

Album: Invisible City
Released: Oct 2011
Artwork: Randy Hryhorczuk
Label: Oxide Tones


Tunturia_Halls of Sky [500px]

Album: Halls of Sky
Released: Sept 2014
Artwork: Ihor Dawidiuk
Label: Oxide Tones




Tunturia_Baby Boomer

Album: Baby Bomer Sampler 03
Released: 2007
Song: Panic Attack
Label: Baby Boomer Records


Tunturia_The Silent Ballet Vol 4 [500px]

Album: The Silent Ballet Volume 4 Compilation
Released: 2007
Song: Cast Shadows on Clouds
Label: The Silent Ballet


Tunturia_Ode To An Unspoken Movement [500px]

Album: VA / Ode to an Unspoken Movement
Released: December 2013
Photography / Artwork: Rosario Spatone
Song: Dark Summer Dawn
Label: Oxide Tones / The Sirens Sound

Tunturia_When The Sun Shines Through [500px]
Album: When The Sun Shines Through
Released: January 2014
Photography: Nadine Hünefeldt
Artwork: Adam Homfray
Song: Discovery, And There Goes a Child Of The Universe, No Less Than The Trees
Label: Oxide Tones

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